St. Tolas Thursday Note 30th April 2020

April 30th, 2020

Dear Parents/Guardians,

We hope you are well as we come to the end of a most unusual April. Our news this week is

  • All teachers have now set up a temporary email address for the duration of the school closure. They may be contacted on this email which will be included in the letter they send out with guidance for their pupils each week. Teachers may not be able to answer you straight away but will come back to you as soon as they can.

  • Guidance and activities for each class for next week will be emailed tomorrow Friday 1st May. As Monday is a bank holiday teachers will send on work for Tues 5th May-Fri 8th May. Please remember that each family’s circumstances are unique. There may be some days/weeks when you and your child cannot engage with formal schoolwork at all and that is fine.  The last thing we want is for schoolwork to become a source of stress of anxiety for any child or family. We can be contacted at if you need  further support.
  • NEPS ( National Educational Psychological Service) have put together some useful resources for parents. They may be found at the following link

  • Thank you to all the pupils who have sent their pictures to Ms Hehir about what they miss about school.  The writing on your picture needs to be big so it can be read. We are making a little video with teachers and pupils sharing what they miss about school. This will be shared on the school website and school twitter account. If you can send your pictures to her by tomorrow that would be great.  Her email address is I can’t wait to see the video when it is completed.
  • Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter where you will find lots of links to some great ideas for all the family during lockdown. You can follow us @StTolasNS
  • If you want to see lots of amazing superheroes please go to our website Click on latest news where lots of 1st class pupils have sent on their designs for a new superhero. Well done 1st class.


Kind regards,

Mary Dunlea Fitzgerald, Principal