Thursday Note 26th November

November 26th, 2020

Dear Parents/Guardians,

We hope you are well. Our news this week is as follows:

  • The Parents’ Association A.G.M. took place on Tuesday last via Zoom. The officers of the committee are as follows:

Sara Marren O’Callaghan – Chairperson

Kate Flynn – Secretary

Danka Kochanova – Treasurer

The Parents Association are organising a Christmas raffle with the prize of a hamper for each class. More details to follow shortly. There will be a lovely surprise tomorrow for all the pupils and we are thankful to the Parents Association for supporting us with this. All will be revealed tomorrow!

  • As we head towards the Christmas season we all realise it will be a very different Christmas for us this year due to Covid restrictions. One of the things we will not be able to do is the tradition of pupils handing out Christmas cards. We have to ensure that pupils only handle their own copies/books etc and it just would not be advised to hand out Christmas cards to multiple pupils in classes.  Just in case some pupils are working on their Christmas card list early we wanted to let you know this in good time. We look forward to next year when we hopefully can resume this lovely tradition.
  • Thank you to the MidWest Simon Community who donated a number of stationery packs to the school earlier this term. There was enough to give one to all pupils in 6th class and 1st class. We hope the pupils will find these useful.
  • As the weather has turned colder this week please ensure that your child has a coat. We will be outside for breaks as much as possible. This is so important as we need to ventilate the classrooms several times each day. Please make sure that your child’s coat has their name on it. We thank you for your co-operation in this matter.

Kind regards,

Mary Dunlea Fitzgerald, Principal