Thursday Note 10th June

June 10th, 2021

Dear Parents/Guardians,

I hope you are well this week as we head for the middle of June. Our news is as follows

  • Our Confirmation ceremony will take place this year on 8th July in Mary Immaculate Church at 2p.m. The 6th class pupils making Confirmation visited the church yesterday where they met with Fr. Arnie and Fr. James. They have scheduled another meeting with the pupils for next week. We are looking forward to the ceremony with the pupils and are delighted we are now in a place that the Confirmation can go ahead before the pupils move on to secondary school.
  • We do not have dates yet for Communion but it will be in September. We will let parents of those making Communion know as soon as the date is confirmed.
  • 6th class are going on a trip tomorrow to Hastings Cottage here in Shannon to learn a little about the local history of their own area (weather permitting!). Ms Halliday will be accompanying the class and giving the pupils lots of facts about the early years of our town.
  • The first semi-final of Quizbrain took place this morning outside in the yard (which may be a first!) We have 20 pupils who have made it to the semi final and we wish them all the best. They all did very well in Semi final 1 so congrats to each and every pupil.
  • The school calendar for the next school year is now available. A copy has been sent out with this note and it will also be available to view on the school website at
  • 2nd class went on a walk yesterday to see the biodiversity in our local area.  They learned a lot about wild flowers and the benefits of dandelions. 2nd are also completing a STEM project over the next few weeks. They are constructing mini golf courses in their pods. I can’t wait to play some of the courses!
  • Well done to 5th class who used their P.E time last week to pick up litter in the area around the school. We were provided with litter pickers from the Shannon Tidy Towns committee. Well done 5th class for showing such positive community spirit!
  • 6th class opened their time capsule last week. They each had completed a sheet all about themselves when they were in Senior Infants. It was lovely for the pupils to look back at themselves at that stage of their school life.
  • Our Sports day will take place over two days next week. We are planning for Tuesday and Thursday (weather permitting). Classes will be kept in their class bubble and separate during Sports day as per Covid guidelines. Pupils wear their school tracksuit or shorts if the weather permits. Please make sure they have extra drinks (preferably water) on Tuesday and Thursday. We are not in a position to have any parents/guardians attend this year due to Covid restrictions and social distancing guidelines.

Kind regards,

Mary Dunlea Fitzgerald, Principal