Abbey Theatre Visit 2016

February 24th, 2016

Two actors from the Abbey Theatre visited 5th and 6th classes today to perform the play ‘Me, Mollser’. The play was about a young girl from 1916 who came to visit our school. She began by telling us all about her life during the Dublin Lockout and the 1916 Rising. Her family were very poor. Mollser’s father died from tubercolosis(TB) and she also had gotten the disease. Mollser told us about her memories when she was in school. Mollser lived in very poor conditions. She lived in a room with eight people. Any time it rained, Mollser put buckets out so the leaking roof wouldn’t destroy the floor. Mollser’s best friends were called Peggy and Jimmy. Mollser didn’t have any proper clothes and she didn’t have any shoes. Her only toy was an old rag doll. One day, when she was walking home from school, she was messing and got separated from her friends. She found herself in the city. She came across a beautiful doll’s house in a shop window. One of her neighbours found her and brought her home. When she got home, she gave her Mom a hug but her Mom slapped her with a wooden spoon. Soon after this, Mollser feinted in school. Mollser went home and when she arrived, she asked her Mom if she could hold the baby. Her Mom refused as she realised Mollser had TB and didn’t want it to spread to herself or the baby. At this stage, we realised that Mollser was actually a ghose and her spirit had come to visit St. Tolas to tell us all about the hard times in Ireland 100 years ago. We don’t know how lucky we are! We did a discussion workshop with the actors when the play was over and it helped us to realise all the things we are grateful to have, which children didn’t have in the past. It was a great experience to have the Abbey Theatre perform in our Halla.