Thursday Note 11th March

March 19th, 2021

Dear Parents/Guardians,

We hope you are well this week. Our news is as follows

  • We are delighted that the Department of Education confirmed this week that all pupils from 3rd-6th classes will return to in person learning here in St Tolas next Monday 15th March. We have missed both the pupils and our colleagues over the past two weeks and it will be great to have everyone back together again. We are aware that for some pupils it will take a little time to transition back to school and teachers and staff will be very aware of this in the weeks ahead.
  • We ask that all parents/guardians adhere to the guidance laid out in our updated COVID 19 Response plan in relation to social distancing and wearing facemasks while on school grounds. We would also greatly appreciate your support in reminding the pupils in 3rd -6th class for the necessity of staying in their pods in the classroom to minimise interactions between pupils.   We know this can be a challenge for some students but it is vital in minimising the spread of infection. While outside in the yard the public health guidance states that pupils do not need to remain in their pods but must stay with their class bubble. The pupils were excellent at this in term 1 and I have every faith that this will be the case now also.
  • The Department of Education requires that all parents/guardians of pupils in 3rd -6th classes must complete a declaration that their child is free from infection (including COVID 19) before returning to school. This form will be on Aladdin Connect but will NOT be live until 3p.m. on Sunday next 14th March. We will send a text reminder on Sunday re this form. If your child is unwell they need to stay at home until they have recovered.
  • We are delighted that our class for pupils with Autism was sanctioned last week. Ms Noreen Vaughan has been appointed as this special class teacher and Sinead Duff has been assigned as the Special Needs Assistant in the class. The class has six pupils enrolled and the pupils will transition into the class in the next few weeks. We wish both Noreen and Sinead every success in their new roles.
  • We welcome Ms Lisa Hanlon to St Tolas. Ms Hanlon has been appointed as the 4th class teacher and began working with the class on Monday last. We also welcome Sinead Lenihan to the school. Sinead is working as a Special Needs Assistant in Senior Infants. We hope that both of these new staff members will enjoy their time with us here in St Tolas.

Kind regards,

Mary Dunlea Fitzgerald, Principal