Thursday Note 15th April 2021

April 15th, 2021

Dear Parents/Guardians,

We hope you had a restful and enjoyable break over Easter. We are all delighted to be back to in person learning for Term 3. Our news this week is as follows

  •  As the weather has improved this week can you ensure that your child has enough drinks with them for the school day. We are not in a position to provide extra drinks for pupils. The best drink for primary pupils is water as studies have shown that pupils’ learning improves if they are well hydrated. We hope that the good weather will continue for the rest of this term and pupils can be outside at break and for Physical Education.
  • Just a reminder that we have a number of pupils in different classes who have been diagnosed with a nut allergy. As a result of this we are a nut free school. Can you please ensure that items in your child’s lunch do not contain nut traces. We appreciate your co-operation with this important matter.
  • For pupils making First Communion and Confirmation this year we still do not have any dates announced. Churches remain closed for public worship at present. Once this restriction is lifted dates will be organised and we will let you know as soon as we are informed.
  • Wolfe Tones have informed us that training will resume for primary age pupils. Please see flyer attached for your info.
  • Our Special Class for pupils with ASD has opened and just to let you know that we are calling this our Solas Class. Our pupils are doing so well and we are so proud of all they have achieved in a short space of time. Keep up the good work all in the Solas class.
  • The National Parents Council Primary are running free online interactive workshops on Internet Safety all next week. This programme will give parents practical information and supports to help you as a parent in this vital role. It will help you better understand that your parenting skills are key to keeping your child safe and it will also look at some of the evidence about what children in Ireland are spending their time doing online and will also examine some of the risks and benefits for children online. The sessions are taking place online via Zoom at 10am on Monday to Friday, and 8pm on Monday to Thursday next week, starting Monday the 19th April. Just click on the link below to register.
  • . Each session will have limited numbers for discussion and questions, and places will be offered on a first come first served basis.
  • We are continuing with all Covid 19 measures to ensure that school is as safe as possible for all. Pupils are being asked to wash their hands regularly throughout the day. Pupils from 3rd-6th classes are in their pods while in the classroom but do not have to remain in them while outside in the yard. All classrooms are cleaned thoroughly every evening and toilets and touchpoints are cleaned regularly throughout the school day. Once a month all surfaces are treated with Zoono.  This product coats the surface with a microscopic film that kills viruses on impact. We still have staggered breaks and lunchtimes and all class bubbles have a separate zone to play in the yard so class bubbles are not mixing.  Again, we thank you for your co-operation to date. If you or anyone in your family has been advised to isolate please follow all health guidance. Please do not send your child into school if they have any Covid like symptoms and get advice from your family doctor. Hopefully we are coming to the end of current restrictions and life can return to more normal times for everyone soon.

Kind regards, Mary Dunlea Fitzgerald, Principal