Thursday Note 22nd April

April 26th, 2021

Dear Parents/Guardians,

We hope you are keeping well and enjoying the lovely weather. Our news this week is as follows

  • A few classes in St Tolas were given the opportunity recently to complete an online hands –  on workshop with Heritage Ireland.  The workshops were provided by Digit Kids and the pupils and staff found them very enjoyable.
  • 5th class did their workshop on Celtic art and have made beautiful pieces of artwork using letters in a similar style to the decoration found in the Book of Kells.
  • 4th class did their workshop on Round Towers to tie in with their history programme. They learnt all about the monasteries in Early Christian Ireland and then constructed their own Round Towers.
  • 3rd class learnt about the Normans who came to Ireland in the Middle ages. They made beautiful Norman shields. Did you know that many of our common surnames in Ireland come from the Normans including Fitzgerald!!!
  • 2nd class learnt about Ringforts and they constructed their own ringforts during the session. These were a bit tricky to make but 2nd class did a great job. To see the art from these sessions please follow us on Twitter @StTolasNS
  • To celebrate ‘Earth Day’ 2021 both 5th and 6th classes took part in a webinar today hosted by the National Museum of Ireland called “Cool Fossils and Hot (Climate) Facts” It is brilliant that we can now bring these experts right into our classrooms and pupils can access workshops from all over Ireland.
  • You might be doing a bit of Spring Cleaning at the moment. If you find any PM reading books we would appreciate if you can send them into school with your child. Sometimes one child in a family brings them home and they can by mistake get into another child’s schoolbag. We try to keep sets of 6 titles together for Guided Reading. When one goes missing it makes it difficult to use that set.

Kind regards, Mary Dunlea Fitzgerald, Principal