Thursday Note 13th January 2022

January 14th, 2022

Dear Parents/Guardians,

We hope you are keeping well this week. Our news is as follows

  • A number of parents have expressed concern in relation to their child’s attendance and having to isolate due to Covid 19. I have spoken to the school’s Education Welfare officer and she has assured me that the service will be taking Covid into account and that there is no need to be concerned in relation to this. The school is still bound by the Education Welfare Act 2000 and must report pupils who cannot attend for 20 days or more in a year. If the absences are in relation to Covid 19 no action will be taken.  It is important though that if your child cannot attend due to Covid restrictions including isolating as a close contact please let us know so we have this information if required.  Also if your child has any symptoms of Covid they need to stay at home and contact your GP for advice.
  • Our prefab for our Multiple Disability Class is almost finished. The class have moved out there today and it is their first day in their new room. We are just waiting for the contractor to complete the tarmac and groundworks around the prefab and we can reopen the path at that side of the school.  We are delighted with the space and it will make such a difference to the pupils in our Aoibhneas Class to have their own room.  Enjoy your new classroom Aoibhneas!
  • Clare County Council have completed works to the paths on the Green Store side of the school. The gate on this side of the school are now reopened. Thank you for your patience and re-routing while these works were in progress.
  • We are currently accepting enrolments for Junior Infants for September 2022. The closing date for receipt of applications is Friday 28th January. All applicants will be informed by 11th February if their application is successful. If you have a child that you wish to enrol please contact the school office for an enrolment form as soon as possible.
  • Senior Infants are learning all about different types of houses and homes at the moment. They are collecting all types of recyclable materials such as boxes and cartons and they plan to make their own models of different types of houses and homes. I can’t wait to see the finished creations!
  • Second Class are learning all about healthy eating and the importance of exercise. The have learnt that exercise helps our bodies and our brains. They have also starting learning about where some of the counties of Ireland are and are getting familiar with the map of Ireland.

Kind regards,

Mary Dunlea Fitzgerald, Principal