3rd Class Working from home activities

June 17th, 2020

It has been great to see how hard all the boys and girls in 3rd class have been working at home. Well done everyone and also to their parents! 

The children had great fun working with light and shadows.

Great work done by the children that were exploring space by making rockets, planets and coloured some cool aliens.

Well done to all the boys and girls that took up the challenge of making a water park for Shannon with Junk Art. The water parks were so brilliantly thought out and made. Great work! 

Some children interviewed their parents or grand parents. The children asked them questions about growing up, their life, some memories and so on and so forth. It was so interesting and I know the boys and girls really enjoyed this project!

I have seen great written work too from book recounts and summaries of stories, to Gaeilge sentences to SESE work and Maths work-great job everyone!

It has been so lovely to see all the pictures of the children helping out with gardening, DIY and enjoying their Virtual school tours too!