Christmas Number 1

December 11th, 2017

Since we’ve come back from our summer holidays, 4th-6th classes have been very busy practicing for a special project. As you know, Joanne has visited the orphanage in Goradiche, Belarus over the last few years, to help the many special children in need over there. In the past, we have held a number of fundraisers to help purchase supplies for these children. This year, Joanne and her husband Don came up with the novel idea of recording a single which will be available to buy before Christmas…we hope to make it a Number 1 hit. Children from St. Conaires have also been practicing the same song and we met this week in Mary Immaculate Church to record the single. We had to sing without any music which was possible thanks to conductor Don and DJ. We really enjoyed taking part in this project and can’t wait to hear the final version…it will make a marvellous Christmas gift for families in Shannon and Goradiche. We also sang a song of our own to add to the album. See above for some photographs of the recording.

Update: Last Thursday, we officially launched our single in  Insomnia. It was a really special night and we were delighted to have none other than Santa Claus himself come to our launch. If you haven’t written your letters to man himself yet, our CD would make a lovely gift and all proceeds going to a charity close to all our hearts. See to download our tracks or CDs are also available in Tracey s office.

Thanks for your support!!

5th Class Science 2017

December 11th, 2017

Michael Browne visited 5th class recently to do an Electricity workshop. We learned many things about electricity that we didn’t know before. The best part of the workshop is that we learned most things by working together as a group to investigate how things might work. We didn’t always find the correct answer on our first attempt but we’d try something different then until we’d find the correct method. We learned how electricity works in a circuit and if that circuit is broken, then electricity won’t work. A regular switch breaks a circuit and that’s how lights and machines are turned on/off. We made circuits with all kinds of batteries, light-bulbs and even buzzers.

If any of your lights or doorbells are broken, give us a shout for a quality service…at a good price!!

Thanks to Michael for a very enjoyable visit!!

5th Class Christmas Play 2017

December 11th, 2017

As we were learning all about Narrative writing in November, 5th class decided that we’d like to write our very own Christmas play this year. The whole class planned the general idea of the play and divided it into five separate parts/scenes. The class then broke up into groups and started to write the script for each scene. We then shared the work with the rest of the class and made a few edits. When we were happy with the text of our play, we finally chose what songs we would sing and changed the lyrics of each song to make it suit our story. Everyone in the class has been cast their parts now and we are really busy learning our lines and getting our costumes ready for next Tuesday and Wednesday.

It was an enjoyable activity and we hope you all enjoy our first steps on our way to Hollywood!! Keep tuned in to our website for further updates of our work over the next week.

Top Attenders

November 22nd, 2017

As part of our attendance strategy, it is an important aim of the school to have children attend as frequently as possible. Every two months, any child who has full attendance for the previous two months will receive a small reward to recognise being fantastic attenders!! As you can see, we had many children who missed no day in September and October. We’re hoping more children can join them for November/December.

Halloween Fun

November 16th, 2017

5th class reeled in the years to play an old Halloween game. First we poured a pile of flour on to a dinner plate and moulded it in to the shape of a volcano. Mr. Quinn told us he normally put yucky glazed cherries on top but they didn’t have them in the shop so he had to make do with Munchies instead, which later worked out well for us!! We took turns cutting away a slice of flour. If the Munchie fell while you were cutting a slice, you had to duck your head into the flour…on a brighter note, you also got to eat the Munchie!! We had great fun.