Second Class SkyCourt Shannon ‘Arts for School’ project

May 31st, 2018

Second class entered a Skycourt Art Competition.  They designed their own hot air balloons first and the class decided on a pattern to use. The children worked collaboratively using a blank canvas, glue and lots of plastic bottle tops!!! They had great fun!!


Voting Entry forms are on the Clare Champion last week, this week and next week. Please encourage family and friends to fill out the form and return to Shannon Town Centre ‘Entry Box’. The artwork is displayed in the town centre.

First Holy Communion 2018

April 30th, 2018

Congratulations to all the boys and girls in Second class who made their First Holy Communion on Saturday 28th April.  We are very proud of all the children who worked very hard throughout the year on their Grow in Love programme, learning their prayers, bible stories and songs!! Well done!!!

Maths Day 2018

February 12th, 2018

We had a very exciting Maths Day of celebrations today in the school! Every class came up with a couple of different games and presented them to every other class in the halla throughout the day. We had great fun sharing our games with older and younger children. We hope we can have more days like this in the school!!

Grandparents Day 2018

February 1st, 2018



We were delighted to welcome so many grandparents and other family members and friends to our Grandparents Day service earlier today. We had such a large crowd that we had people in every empty space in the hall. Every class told a short story, a poem or sang a song for their grandparents. It was such a lovely morning. We were delighted to get the chance to tell our grannies and grandads how special they are to us in our lives. They are famous now that their photo is up on the internet!! Check out our gallery to see more photos from the day in our Grandparents Day Gallery


Top Attenders

November 22nd, 2017

As part of our attendance strategy, it is an important aim of the school to have children attend as frequently as possible. Every two months, any child who has full attendance for the previous two months will receive a small reward to recognise being fantastic attenders!! As you can see, we had many children who missed no day in September and October. We’re hoping more children can join them for November/December.