Spelling Bee 2019

March 8th, 2019

Ms. Fitzgerald recently brought 5th and 6th classes together to participate in our local heat of the Spelling Bee. Every child in both classes were asked to spell a word. If they answered correctly, they qualified to the next round and this continued until there was only one person standing!!

The standard was really high from an early stage, which was clear when nobody got knocked out in the 1st round. The words got harder and harder as the rounds progressed. Children could ask for a definition of the word or to put it in a sentence.

Maneet, Simona and Evan were neck and neck in the final round and it came down to the wire, with Maneet being declared our Spelling Bee champion.

Congrats to Maneet who now qualifies for the county final!!

Well done everyone!!

Sportshall Athletics March 2019

March 7th, 2019

Following a successful run of lunchtime training with Ms O’Neill, our athletics team from 3rd to 6th Classes enjoyed a fun-filled and active day in Corofin for the annual Sportshall Athletics Tournament.

Our athletes were great sportspeople and represented the school so well. They performed well in all events and impressed us with all their skills. We look forward to developing these skills over the remainder of the year in our PE lessons and during Active Schools Week. 

Christmas Carol Service 2018

January 7th, 2019

A wonderful carol service was held in the hall on the day of the holidays.  The story of Christmas was shared as well as Christmas traditions from around the world. Children from every nationality in our school shared a Christmas greeting in their native language. Every class performed either a song or a poem also. Thanks to all our families who visited to share the morning with us. We wish our entire school community a special Christmas and every best wish for 2019!!

Maths week in 6th Class

October 17th, 2018

6th Class are enjoying Maths week hugely. We worked with IZAK9 today. We all enjoyed working in groups solving Maths problems while having to explain our answers and discovering the numerous ways there are to solving the same problem. 

Quizbrain 2018

September 5th, 2018

There was a very close contest in this years Quizbrain Final. Gavin, Matthew, Maia, Ellie and Simona all qualified for the grand finale after coming through four tough rounds of questions organised by class teachers and two semi-finals organised by Ms. Fitzgerald. The leader-board changed after each round but Maia pulled away in the end to retain the coveted shield she won last year. Congrats to Maia and all finalists!!